Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 Days of Stephen King: Misery

Welcome to day 9 of The 10 Days of Stephen King, tonight we present to you Misery. Misery is the tale of a fan who takes things a little too far. It's the story of Annie Wilkes a fan of novelist Paul Sheldon who she rescues from a horrible car accident. He's seriously injured and needs medical attention but it's okay Annie is or was a nurse once upon a time. Paul seems to be grateful for Annie's help like any person should be in his situation. but he soon goes from patient to prisoner in a matter of a days. The characters push the story so far because the plot is so simple yet they keep you on your feet and engaged.

Kathy Bates performance as Annie Wilkes is phenomenal, at first she seems like the nicest lady you could ever meet for awhile at least until James Caan's Paul Sheldon (the novelist) she has rescued says or does something that upsets her then she becomes this complete raging psychopath and the Annie you and Paul thought you knew is out the window. Anything wrong and she'll pop. All she wants is for her favorite writer to write a new book. Which he does because well he has no other choice. The film is packed with ups and downs and you honestly have no idea whats going to happen next.

Great performances all around, James Caan's character can be an asshole and yet you fear for his very life because Bates is just that scary in her role. There are a couple of other roles but these two are the centerpieces of the film. 
Many scenes are gut wrenchingly suspenseful but none are more cringe worthy than the now infamous sledgehammer scene. it's all really good and if you haven't seen it definitely go check it out. Actually I think it's on Netflix, hope you enjoy.

Overall: 8.5/10

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