Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Movie Score Mania: Looper

Nathan Johnson

Welcome to the first ever Movie Score Monday (Update: now Movie Score Mania) and yes I know it's Tuesday but hey nothing in life is perfect. For our very first entry we will be exploring a score maybe not that many people paid attention to. But take it from me if anything from this movie (which I personally enjoyed very much) is to remembered, it has to be Nathan Johnson's score.

Basically made up of clicks and whistles, it sounds like no other score I've heard before. Instead of of going with a booming orchestra Johnson prerecord  various sounds and noises that we all hear on a daily basis, like the sound of a microwave as it finishes or the beeps and sounds of a treadmill. He took these sounds and twisted and turned them into something completely different. 

If you ever listen to the score alone seperate from the movie you can still feel that intensity from each scene. Without knowing it you still get nervous for Joe as he's being hunted by the gangsters of this scifi film set not that far into the future. You can feel the heartbreak of Old Joe as he loses the one person he actually cared about in this world. 

Each piece of music is done so meticulously that you have to praise Nathan for taking the time to creating new instruments to create something you may haven't heard before. All in all I personally believe the score to this film is one of the best parts of it and will be remembered for being so different just like the film it belongs to.

To get a sense of what I'm talking about, watch the video below:

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