Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Movie Score Mania: Man of Steel

Hans Zimmer 

I applaud Hans Zimmer for even attempting a Superman score. I'm not saying that his score isn't great because it is. But to walk in the footsteps of the legendary John Williams must have been scary. Yet Zimmer still goes for it and it works. It's not like William's score at all and still you feel like this is Superman. 

I think what people tend to forget when watching a Superman film is that Superman isn't like us, he isn't human. He's an alien from another planet. Zimmer remembered this, even with his calm undertones for certain scenes or booming action music for others they all seem a bit otherworldly. There are definitely science fiction roots in the score and moments of it even sound a bit Blade Runner eskew. Only slightly though. 

Zimmer also takes into account a line spoken by Jor-El early in the film before they send Kal-El (Superman) off to Earth, he says "He will be a god amongst them." With this Zimmer adds a holy almost gospel undertone to the score. Making it seem like this man, this being is indeed way more powerful than any of us could ever imagine. Should we fear him or should we worship him? The answer is neither, Hans brings us back to Earth everyonce in awhile reminding us that even with his godlike abilities that Clark Kent, Superman, whatever you want to call him is really just a kid from Kansas. So we can relate to him. You can relate to his isolation he had to endure as a child, the sadness of this spreads throughout much of the music. 

Let us not forget the rest of the characters who get there moment to shine in Zimmer's score. His theme for Zod is exactly what it should be. He takes the Superman score and makes it intense and dark, making you fear Zod as you should. The man can snap your neck with his fingers and not even break a sweat. The intensity of the score when he is on screen will have you on the edge of your seat (yes I really just said that). 

If you haven't heard the score seperately or seen the movie, no worries it comes out on DVD and Bluray November 12th. It's a really good movie and you should check it out. There hasn't been any confirmation as to whether or not Zimmer would be back for the sequel Batman Vs. Superman (I hate that title) but if he does it should be interesting seeing as he recently scored all three of Nolan's Batman films. It'd be nice to see if he could bring something new and exciting to a character he has already done so many times before. But we'll see as production starts and the crew is revealed to what should be an epic film. 


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