Monday, November 11, 2013

Movie Score Mania: Superman: The Movie

The only soundtrack Superman listens to.

Is there a more inspiring opening theme to a movie. One that fills your eye sockets with tears of joy, every time? One that inspires a grown man to release his inner child and put on a towel as a cape and jump off his couch? NO. Nothing makes me want to pound evil-doers more than, the Superman: The Movie score by the impeccable John Williams.

Nothing is more mysterious and cosmic than The Trip to Earth. As violins weave trough the cosmic vapors. Like a planets only hope in a space capsule.

Is there a more romantic and awe-inspiring love theme than the Love Theme? I think not. Fly me around Metropolis  and to the stars John Williams.

In fact, this entire score is a romanticizes one of the greatest superheros. It reminds us why we love Superman; deep down in our hearts, even if we scuff at the mere mention of his name. At it's  peaks it's powerful and overwhelming like Superman himself. At it's lows it's somber and thoughtful just like Superman. Everything about this soundtrack perfectly encapsulates Superman. But, not just Superman the hero in all of us. Because, it's a reminder that we're capable of so much more.

Oh, here's the whole thing as a youtube playlist:


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