Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Roundup: Box Office Results for 11/15-11/17

Welcome to another edition of WEEKEND ROUNDUP, where we discuss the weekends box office results.  The TOP 3 this week are Thor: The Dark World, The Best Man Holiday, and Last Vegas.

This weekend saw the smash hit, Thor: The Dark World, retain its top spot on the list for the second week in a row.  We also saw the release of the surprise hit, The Best Man Holiday, which brought in almost as much as Thor: The Dark World.  Last Vegas was able to bump itself up into the top 3 this week, but will it be able to hold on to it?


The sequel to the 2011 Marvel film, Thor, has been killing it at the box office.  This weekend, it drew in $36.5 million domestically, bringing its domestic total to $145.1 million, and $477.9 million worldwide.  This film has made more in 10 days than the first one made in 16 weeks (Thor brought in a total of $449.3 million worldwide).  Now, granted, this is definitely a superior film, but these numbers are mind-boggling in comparison.  My original guess for this film was a total of $500 million, but seeing as it's almost there, I'm going to change my guess to $800 million worldwide.  The God of Thunder has some stiff competition coming up with Hunger Games: Catching Fire opening this week, but there's no doubt in my mind that it will hold on to a spot in the top 3 for quite a while.


Now, even though Thor: The Dark World got the top spot this weekend, this next film was definitely the most talked about.  The Best Man Holiday is the sequel to the 1999 romantic comedy-drama, The Best Man.  It follows the group of friends from the first film as they reunite 15 years later during Christmastime, but soon they discover just how easy it is for long-forgotten rivalries and romances to be ignited.

The Best Man Holiday started off strong, raking in $10.7 million on Friday alone, outdoing Thor: The Dark World which brought in $10.5 million.  This took everyone by surprise.  It continued to flourish over the weekend, bring in an impressive $30.1 million for its opening weekend, coming very close to beating out Thor: The Dark World.  It has also made almost as much in 3 days as the first film made in 14 weeks, with The Best Man making a total of $34.6 million worldwide on a $9 million production budget.  Will it be able to stay in the top 3 next week? Only time will tell.


Moving up from the number 4 spot last week, Last Vegas regained its spot in the top 3.  Not nearly as well as the first and second spots, Last Vegas was able to must up a modest $8.4 million in its third week.  This romantic comedy-drama is about four best friends in their late sixties, who decide to have a bachelor party in Las Vegas for Billy, the last of the group to get married.  This film has received mixed reviews, garnering a 6.8/10 on IMDb and a 43% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  However, it has been able to successfully draw in the older crowd who have been watching these actors for years.  But with the new Hunger Games movie opening this week, this will probably be the last time we see this film in the top 3.  Enjoy it while it lasts boys!

Here's a quick rundown of this weekends results:

#1 - Thor: The Dark World - $36,586,016

#2 - The Best Man Holiday - $30,107,555

#3 - Last Vegas - $8,439,544

Next week will most likely be dominated by Hunger Games: Catching Fire, followed by Thor: The Dark World in its third week.  What I'm most interested to see is who will walk away with the number 3 spot?  Can The Best Man Holiday stay in the top, or will Vince Vaughn's upcoming Delivery Man make a splash?  Join us next week for the scoop on WEEKEND ROUNDUP!

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