Friday, January 17, 2014

Devil's Due- Review

In exchange for no Paranormal Activity films last year; we're lucky enough to receive three of them this year. Oh wait, what's that? Devil's Due isn't a Paranormal Activity spinoff? It's a knockoff, you say? And a very obvious knockoff at that.

I'm all for found footage films, if they're done properly and they add something to the genre. But, when all they do is steal the best scenes from innovative found footage films. Well, that's more terrifying than the film itself. Which, consist solely of jump scares and lacks any tension based creeps. 

Devil's Due is in fact everything I hate about the genre. With it's sometimes illogical phantom camera that pops in out of nowhere for the sole purpose of a dramatic angle. Lousy acting and lack of chemistry between the two leads who are supposed to be newlyweds. The husband who just decides to record everything. Shots of the ground and of peoples necks. Why do I need to see that neck when there's nothing coming out of it.  The security cameras in the house to provide extra coverage of the house, as a possessed wife wanders about and acts creepy in various rooms. There's even a cameo from the Swinging Chandelier from the first Paranormal Activity.

I've never seen her before.

Oh wait, I have, in the REC series. 
To be a good found footage film one must breath new life into the genre. By introducing a new element, like trolls,  angsty telekinetic teenagers, or Spanish demon zombies. If you are going to do familiar subject matter then you have to do it your way and really make it your own. But, when you copy and paste just for the sake of making an easy dollar then you hurt everyone involved.

Paul's Score: 0 out of 10

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