Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Roundup: Box Office Results 1/17-1/19


Welcome to another edition of WEEKEND ROUNDUP, where we discuss this weekends box office results.  The TOP 3 this weekend were Lone Survivor, Ride Along and The Nut Job.

This week, Disney's Frozen was finally dethroned, dropping down to fifth.  Lone Survivor continued strong, taking the #2 spot, while newcomer, Ride Along crushed it this week, taking the top spot.  And the new animated film, The Nut Job, had a solid opening, taking third.

Let's take a look at how the Top 3 did this weekend...


Over the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, the new comedy, Ride Along, managed to break the January opening record, previously held by Cloverfield.  It's also had the highest opening total for an original comedy since Ted back in June 2012.

Ride Along shocked a lot of people this week by opening in first with a stunning $41.5 million on a $25 million production budget.  This impressive turn out is due to several factors, one of the biggest being great marketing.  It also had a hilarious trailer and the right kind of star power for a film like this.


Lone Survivor followed up its impressive wide-release opening with another strong weekend, grossing $22.1 million.  That brings its total up to $72.9 million for the two limited weeks and the two wide-release weeks.  Lone Survivor was able to surpass its production budget last weekend and just continues to make more and more money.  I wouldn't be surprised if this film makes over $150 million domestically.


The new animated comedy, The Nut Job, opened this weekend with a strong start, bringing in a surprising $19.4 million.  This is the second-highest opening gross for Open Road Films, right behind 2012's The Grey.  The success of this film most likely stems from Frozen being the last big kid's movie, and that came out almost two months ago.  It should have a couple of weeks of good sales before the much anticipated The Lego Movie hits theaters on February 7th.

Here's a quick rundown of this weekends results:

#1 - Ride Along - $41,516,170

#2 - Lone Survivor - $22,058,815

#3 - The Nut Job - $19,423,000

Join us next week for another edition to WEEKEND ROUNDUP.  Which movies will be on top?  Can Ride Along hold on to the top spot for another week, or will I, Frankenstein push it out?  Check out next weeks WEEKEND ROUNDUP for the scoop!

Opening This Friday (1/24):

I, Frankenstein 

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