Friday, March 7, 2014

DWA: nananananana Batman Edition

Remember to drink responsibly. This is only for fun and if you feel yourself getting sick please stop. Thank you.

I don't know what put me on this Batman kick. It ends now, with two of the worst Batman movies ever made. Find out your assignment after the jump.

Batman Forever

What originally started out as Burton's third installment, quicky became the third best film in the series. Due to the fact, that Burton's films were to dark to market to kids so, he was pulled from the project and remained the producer. Joel Schumacher took over the helm and created something, unforgettable. 

Drink every time:
  • The Riddler bust a move.

  • Alfred comes off as condescending. 
  • Robin is "rebellious".
  • Two-Face flips that damn coin.
  • Val Kilmer or Nicole Kidman fail at acting.
  • there is an explosion.
  • Robin does something acrobatic. 

Drink during the entire:
  • Battleship scene.

Finish your drink:
  • when the batmobile drives right up that wall. 
  • for the line "I'll get drive-thru."

Batman and Robin

This is basically a two hour toy commercial, that takes Batman less seriously than Adam West and Burt Ward. It's an insult to the franchise. That being said, you'll need a drink or ALL OF THE DRINKS to get through it. 

Drink every time:
  • Freeze delivers a cold related pun.
  • Freeze freezes someone.
  • there's a new bat gadget.
  • Robin is a whiny bitch. 

  • there's a butt shot. Please don't take this as doing shots out of your friend's butt. 
  • there's a cartoon sound effect.
  • they call Robin, DICK.
  • Bruce Wayne is smug.
  • Poison Ivy speaks in sexual innuendo. 
  • Uma Thurman reminds you of the witch from Troll 2 (over acts).

Drink during the entire:
  • 'Snow Miser' scene.

Finish your drink for:
  • the bat-card.

  • the neon gang.
  • Coolio! He's a rapper from the 90s. 
  • frozen dog pee.
  • shriveling Bane.
Well, that's it for now. See you in two weeks. As always drink responsibly and follow us on Twitter @PU_FilmBlog.

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