Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WHIST: Day of the Dead

This might seem weird but, I've never seen Day of the Dead. Considering, my love for George A. Romero it makes it even weirder. Part of the reason being is when the opportunity came to buy the movie, it was $14.99 for a bare bones DVD, of a movie I've never seen before. And that is a lot of dough for a college kid. Then, I started hearing rumors that it was boring and too ambitious for it's own good. Detoured from the film altogether and the DVDs slowing vanishing from store shelves my chances to see Day of the Dead diminished. Until, now.

I'm a little enraged by the fact that Day of the Dead had a 3.5 million dollar budget. Because, 
Dawn of the Dead had $2,850,000 less and did more. It's proof that it's not the size of your wallet but, the quality of your writing that matters. The plot is actually quite thin and builds to a somewhat predictable ending. As they pursue the answer of which side is right. The two sides being scientific reasoning and militaristic force. The troops who were sent to protect three scientist. Eventually, the troops overpower scientist and take over the underground base. The troops are sterotypical alpha males while, the scientist do the best to defend themselves. But, this tedious back and forth last the entire film and even drags it's rotting corpse through the climax of the film. 

Yeah, so, I didn't like it. It's pale in comparison to the first two films of the trilogy. About as pale as a Romero zombie. Yeah, I said it folks. The message of humans being the true monsters is the exact same as it was in the first two films. We get it, army guys are meat heads. It all just seems, so old and not very daring. They upped the gore and the zombie effects. But, then they didn't up anything else. The best part of all this is Lori Cardille performance, which is nicely and properly balanced. Unlike, everyone else who is overacting or trying out bad accents. 

I'm glad I finally saw it so, I can at least scratch it off my list. But, ultimately, I was severely disappointed. 

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