Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Stranger Walks into Town

Hi! I'm Paul! You might know me from my other blog The Writer Paulie V. Well needless to say I started writing because I've been trying to write my meal ticket for years. Mostly, because  I long to make feature films. Since, I want to make feature films; I watch a lot of them too. I also studied them in college where I majored in Film and TV production and double minored in Film Studies and Digital Arts and New Media. I've written plenty of essays on film in college and I plan on writing a few more here. Along, with recycling my old ones from college. Lucky you, right? I am also a very opinionated fellow. So, expect to see a few reviews from me.

Since, matinee tickets are ten bucks each out here in LA; expect to see my Redbox Reviews where I review the latest rentals. Unless, there's something super awesome that I must see in theaters. Then expect a review immediately. Well you know, sooner.

I look forward to contributing to this blog. Look for my first review soon in just a matter of minutes. It's about the three movies I saw this weekend.


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