Sunday, July 8, 2012

Three Movies in Three Days

In the past three days or so, I've managed to find time to watch three movies that range from absolutely amazing to horrible and one that falls in the middle.  

The first of these films was the inflight movie on the flight back to LA. The second movie I saw my wife rented on her Kindle and was supposed to be watched on the flight back. Buuuuut... they had a marathon of random NBC comedies and some documentary about strong female characters (that I probably should have watched. But, I was busy writing a short story and listening to David Bowie.) that looked pretty interesting. The third film my wife and I watched as we decompressed the next evening.

So, let's start off with the worst of the lot and work our way up to the best.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is the perfect in-flight movie because even when the jet's and that little fan thing drown out the drab dialogue; the plot is so simple any half awake drooling passenger can follow the story.  The directing is boring and often misguided. There's a romantic story for the female passengers and the occasional poorly directed misfitting action scene for the fellas. How underwhelming and boring this film is it's downfall for someone paying ten bucks a ticket. But, for someone who's being transported between two coast and looking to catch some Z's, perfect. Avoid. Unless, you're on a plane.

The thing about Wanderlust is that it's hilarious. But, it's too damn predictable. It would of had me laughing harder if I didn't know the next dramatic beat to smack me in the face. This being said the cast is amazing and filled with a metric ton of comedic talent. Even though I've seen this exact story beat for beat before this is by far one of the funniest comedies so far, this year.  It is most likely to join it's cult comedy brother Wet Hot American Summer (also, directed by David Wain) just give it sometime to age and run on Comedy Central on a nonstop loop. Rent or buy at some flea market for three bucks.

The Artist is one of the few movies that are absolutely perfect. It's the kind of film F.W. Murnau would make if he was still alive or born on a later date. It is a reminder of why I love cinema and it caused me to feel every feeling I'm capable of. The best silent movie since, Silent Movie. Go buy it right now. Don't even order it on Amazon. Run to a store that sells DVDs/ Blu-rays and buy it! If you love Amazon so much I suppose you can buy the soundtrack from them. Because, the score is also amazing.

Thank you for reading my first post to this particular blog. I'm a new contributor here and I thought I would enter by kicking down the door.  I will be posting here again soon.


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