Sunday, October 27, 2013

10 Days of Stephen King: Creepshow 2

A sticky mess of a sequel.
I'm happy day 666 of our 10 days of Stephen King was short. Because, it was insufferable. The segway animations are very 80's and not in a good way. They have a very sloppy and rushed feeling about them. And it's that exact sentiment that plagues the rest of Creepshow 2.

The movie continues in the tradition of being over the top. But doesn't nail it with the same gusto as the original. Instead it's just baaaaaaaaaaad (yes that bad). Unapologetically bad because, it thinks it's getting things right. But, it nearly misses on every level.

It starts out on a strong foot with the first story Old Cheif Wood'nhead. The story of a storefront Indain that comes to life and murders the robbers of the store he protects. Sadly, this one is only a 6.5 tops and then it's down hill from there.

Yep, that guy is about to get scalped and this is the best part of Creepshow 2.

Then it's onto The Raft which had potential if it wasn't for the fact that the only character we care about is the first to die. Sorry folks, the rest of these teen are annoying. Plus, the premise is absolutely silly. They drive fifty miles just to hang out on a abandoned raft in the middle of October. Not to mention the fact that when they swim out to the raft they leave the car running with the doors open. How am I supposed to suspend disbelief when their car battery can run over night. I could give into the concept of a goo monster if they weren't so many other things bugging me at this point. Like the car battery and the fact that the one girl is wearing a bathing suit under all of her clothes; that she swims in. Plus the fact that hypothermia would have killed them overnight before the goo monster could have. And the fact the goo monster can both create a goo wave and seep through the boards of the raft. So, the characters are annoying and everything else is frustratingly illogical. So this one is a big ol'duece in a lake.

Don't even get me started on The Hith-hiker; a cliched yuppies must die story. That has some fun moments but is mostly annoying. Due to a inner-monologue that's not in the characters head. Another 2.

So yeah, avoid this one. Even though it's streaming on Netflix. As for a fun weekend double feature it's not worth it.

Overall rating: 2 out of 10

Look for Eli's review of The Dead Zone         coming tomorrow.

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  1. "The Raft" was such a boring story. If they kept to 5 stories like the previous one, maybe the pace would have been saved.