Saturday, October 26, 2013

10 Days of Stephen King: Creepshow

To be fair this might be my favorite George A. Romero film since; it was the first one I ever saw. Now don't take favorite to mean his best work. Because, this isn't his best work. But, it is worth finding a copy.  I saws this before I knew who George A. Romero was. Maybe it's not his best but it's pretty damn entertaining and it has a lot of pulpy fun.

Presented in the style of an old EC Comic; Creepshow presents five scary stories with a prologue and epilogue to bookend them. They're all great in their own right and they're all outrageous. They all feature the delightfully gruesome make up work of Tom Savini. The story that showcases his work the best They're Creeping Up on You. The story of a man trying his damnedest to live a "pure" life in New York City. But, my favorite from this showcase of horror is The Crate. The story of a college janitor who finds a mysterious crate with a beast inside. This one scarred the crap out of me when I was 12. All in all there's a great collection of stories in here and they are all fun.

A typical reaction to this fine piece of cinema.
Find a friend who owns it and make a big bowl of pop corn. Just don't come to my place because sadly my copy just shit the bed. TIME TO BUY IT ON BLURAY!!!

Paul's convoluted score:

If you don't get what they're going for: 6

If you get it and love this goofy beast for what it is: 9

The stories I mentioned are solid 10s. The others hoover around 7 to 8. So, you throw it all together the final truthful score is a 8.

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  1. I bet with the Blu-ray release, it's much easier to tell what was cockroach and what was raisins.