Friday, January 31, 2014

That Awkward Moment - Review

I went into this film thinking it was going to be a raunchy, R-rated comedy, similar to the style of several Seth Rogan/James Franco films...but it totally surprised me.  I hadn't really seen much about it, so I was unsure of what it was actually about.  That Awkward Moment is, what I'm calling, a "chick flick for dudes".  It has the basic formula of a romantic-comedy while interjecting plenty of "guy-centric" humor.

That Awkward Moment is about three best friends who find themselves at that confusing moment in every dating relationship when you have to answer the question, "So...where is this going?"  And after one's marriage falls apart, they all decide to take a vow to stay single.  But doing so turns out to be more difficult than they ever would have thought.

Making his writing and directorial debuts, Tom Gormican brings a new spin to the Rom-Com genre, making it more "guy friendly", while still sticking to the classic formula.  For his first venture, I think he did a pretty good job.  The film flowed well, kept me laughing, and had some quick-witted, smart humor to balance out any of the more crude humor.  Hopefully, this film will wash away any stink he may have from co-producing one of the worst films of 2013, Movie 43.

Leading the cast is Zac Efron as the smooth talking ladies man, Jason.  Before this, I wasn't quite sure how I felt about him as an actor.  I knew him from films like High School Musical, Hairspray, and even as young Simon Tam in Firefly, but it wasn't until I saw him in The Lucky One last year that I discovered he had potential.  Even though that film wasn't the best, his performance was actually very good.  We also see the very talented Michael B. Jordan (Chronicle, Fruitvale Station) and the up-and-comer, Miles Teller (Project X, 21 & Over).  

This film wasn't the most hilarious thing I've seen or the most well-acted, but for Gormican's first time up to bat, I think he did a great job.  There wasn't really anything I disliked about the film.  The pacing was good, the humor was nice, and none of the acting was bad.  If you're up for a fun, light film, give this one a try.

Josh's Rating:  7/10

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