Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Why Haven't I Seen That: Top Gun


Top Gun is an 80's movie. Obviously, seeing as it was made in the 80's. No I mean Top Gun basks itself in it's cheesy 80's glory. It has every single cliche about 80's movies that you can think of. But that's what makes it just that great. 

I honestly had no real desire to see Top Gun even with it starring the always intense Tom Cruise. Who's films I tend to actually enjoy. The film always just seemed really corny to me. But everywhere there seemed to be signs and anytime there was a sign there was someone TELLING me I NEEDED to see Top Gun. 

It was easy to obtain seeing as both my brother and other brother's girlfriend both own a copy of said film in their Bluray collection. I borrowed it from my brother's girlfriend and seeing as she is a stickler to lending things out I couldn't have it for too long. 

So the time had come, my brother who's a huge fan of it demanded we hookup the surround sound to no avail. But either way we turned it on and let the ride begin. Let's just say I wasn't ready. 


I wasn't ready to enter the "Danger Zone", especially with all the times that song comes up in the film (thanks Kenny). Love that song by the way. I wasn't ready for the mauve and tangerine sunsets in full HD none the less. Wasn't ready for the shadowy sex scene, I'm pretty sure the same thing was used in Wall Street. The comedy, the drama, the fist in the air and the beach volleyball high fives, all of it knows exactly what year it is and says YES!!!! Tony Scott had the need for speed and so do I. Top Gun is definitely the classic everyone's made it out to be. 

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