Thursday, March 20, 2014

Don't Watch Alone: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes & Killer Klowns fromOuter Space

Remember to drink responsibly. This is only for fun and if you feel yourself getting sick please stop. Thank you.

In this week's edition of Don't Watch Alone, we make your drinking weekend a "killer" one with two awesomely bad horror/comedies that everyone should see at least once in their lives.  Enjoy!


No matter how ridiculous the premise of this film sounds, it's not quite as ridiculous as the film itself.  It's a spoof on B horror movies, was made for less than $100,000, and is now one of the most infamous cult classics ever made.  It spawned 3 sequels and even an animated series.  So grab your drinks and have fun!

Drink every time:
  • Someone says the word 'tomato' or 'tomatoes'.
  • Dr. Nokitofa's voice is dubbed over.
  • You hear the "Puberty Love" song.
  • You see someone in a ridiculous costume.

  • Someone eats cereal awkwardly.
  • Sharon Taylor (Lois Fairchild) fumbles and drops her sunglasses mid scene.
  • Someone says 'Dixon'.

Drink during the entire:
  • Opening theme song.
  • Any random musical number.

Finish your drink:
  • Any time you regret watching this film.
  • During Gretta's awkward fight scene.

  • During the mob tomato-stomping scene.


Another ridiculous movie with a ridiculous plot, Killer Klowns From Outer Space is 80's B horror/comedy at its finest.  This is one of my favorite bad movies to watch, and with the addition of a little alcohol, it makes it even better.

Drink every time:
  • Farmer Green references his dog, "Pooh Bear".
  • Someone exclaims "It's Killer Klowns From Outer Space!"
  • You see cotton candy.
  • Someone dies
  • Curtis the cop is a dick.

  • Someone says "cocoons".
  • Mike and Dave have an oddly homo-erotic moment.
  • Mike says "another door?"

Drink during the entire:
  • Scene where the gang banger tries to fight the clown

Finish your drink when:
  • Balloon animals come to life.

  • Giant spinning spaceship blows up.

Well, that's it for now. See you in two weeks. As always drink responsibly and follow us on Twitter @PU_FilmBlog.

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