Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WHIST: Fright Night

During the 80's, there were a variety of vampire movies; some were great, some were Once Bitten. But, all of them we're covered in 80's cheese, which is what prevented me from seeing Fright Night for so long.  Over the years it has gained a reputation for being a cult classic, along the lines of Dead Alive or Re-Animator.  I figured this would be the perfect movie to watch with some buds yet it never came together. Then they took it off of Netflix, those bastards. Well, now it's back on Netflix and I write for a film blog so, I have no more excuses.

Fright Night is the delightful story of a teenager who is convinced that his new neighbor is a vampire. So, he and his friends enlist the help of a local TV host to help find the truth.  It's an adorable premise and it works.

The film is more fun than it is scary. It's neatly paced and enough suspense is built to keep you going to the third act. When the third act hits, everything I was promised is there and it's very entertaining. It walks the line between Once Bitten and The Lost Boys pefectly.  If you're looking for a flick to watch this weekend then check it out. It's fun but it's not compelling.

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  1. I've heard that Fright Night Part II (not to be confused with the remake's sequel) is actually quite good. Too bad it's a rare out-of-print barebones DVD.