Tuesday, March 25, 2014

MSM: Argo

French composer Alexandre Desplat, may not be a household name, like a John Williams or Hans Zimmer. But, given some time and the right picture he could join those ranks. You may have heard his name in passing. His score for Philomenea was nominated for a Oscar this year and pretty much every year for the last five years. So, let's take a look at the 2013 nominee, Argo. 

Argo is a wonderful example of how Desplat can transport the listener to a far away land. In this score he is taking us to Iran during the Iranian Hostage Crisis. He crafts the score using Middle Eastern instruments, vocalizations, and rhythms. Then he switches it up and brings us back to the states; with more traditional arrangements and strong string sections. He combines all these elements with a tight suspenseful base; creating an exciting soundtrack.

One of the real stand out track is, Scent of Death. Which starts with the rhythmic almost panicked breath of a female vocalist that carries through the entire track. If I only heard this track, I would assume this is what running for your life sounds like. Shallow breathing and frantic somewhat disjointed notes, backed by heavenly vocals. It truly is a frightening recording.

If you enjoyed the award winning film, then make sure to check out this amazing soundtrack.

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