Thursday, May 1, 2014

TBT: (500) Days of Summer

Before Marc Webb was swinging about Manhattan with Spidey he was moping around LA with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Before that, he was a music video director with over 50 music videos under his belt. Mostly, emo bands and pop tarts. But, it gave him an eye in to the soul of America's youth. Well that, and he's actually a pretty young guy . But, I like to think it's the music videos.

(500) Days of Summer is actually quite full of wonderful music; I would even call music a character in the film. The pivotal scene where Tom and Summer see something in each other, takes place during a work karaoke outing. A couple of scenes later where Tom realizes he's in love, the film burst into a marvelous dance number set to Hall & Oates that involves a small animated blue bird. Most of their conversations revolve around music while they wear band shirts. All of this generates one hell of a soundtrack. 

The film itself is endearing and cute. But, it t has it's darker moments that leave he viewer with an empty feeling. It plays the audience by contrasting happy scenes with heavy scenes. In a way, it captures young love and all of the pitfalls of being in love perfectly. How truthful this film can be at times, can open up old wounds of relationships past. The hopeless romantic trying to tame the fickle fleeting heart of the one they love, can be all too familiar for some. 

The film quirky and somber, making it a very well balanced piece. But, even the darker moments are hilarious. Which makes it easy for me to put this film on a shelf next to Annie Hall, Say Anything, Chasing Amy, High Fidelity, and Scott Pilgrim Versus the World. It truly is, a lovable film that made Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel into household names. Along with bringing Marc Webb into the world of the Amazing Spiderman.

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