Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Amazing Spiderman 2 Review

The Amazing SpiderMan 2 is indeed what some would call a spectacle. I had the privilege of seeing it with the people who work at Marvel in 3D. Now I personally hate 3D, I just think it's a gimmick and most of the time not worth whatever you may be paying to see it. The film is much better than it's predecessor and deserves the title amazing. 

The film, a sequel to 2012's reboot picks up right after the first with stars Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone's Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy graduating high school and trying to find their way in the world. Stacy still working at Oscorp and Parker still patrolling the streets as Spiderman now more than ever before. The only returning major cast member is Sally Field as Aunt May with Embeth Davidtz and Campbell Scott returning in minor roles as Peter Parker's parents.

This time around the cast is joined by Dane Dehaan as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx as Max Dillion/Electro as the villains. It's also filled with supporting characters and actors from the likes of Paul Giamatti as Aleksei Systevich also known as The Rhino in the comics, Felicity Jones as Oscorp employee Felicia who may or may not have a larger role in the future. Even BJ Novak in the role of Alistair Smythe who I know is a bigger character in the comics I'm just not sure of what. But you don't hire a face or name like Novak for a tiny role if you don't have future plans for them. 

Marc Webb yet agin brings the film to life with the fantastic visuals. Like I said before this must been seen in 3D, for once it feels like you're in the film and it actually takes you on this wild ride. You literally get to experience what it feels to be Spiderman. The action scenes are amazing and with the 3D I actually had to sit back at one point as a foot was coming right at me.

The only downfalls to this film are the simple plot and at points the actors are a bit over the top. Especially Jamie Foxx's Max Dillion, his Electro is great and makes total sense. But his Dillion is what I believe to be unrealistic. When I first saw and heard him my first thought was Jim Carrey's Edward Nygma before he turned into The Riddler in Batman Forever. There are moments when you feel bad for him and there are other moments when he kind of creeps you out.  It works when he's Electro but not when he's Dillion.

The score is great during the action scenes with Hans Zimmer taking over for James Horner this time around. He brings in Pharrell Williams and The Smiths very own Johnny Marr as collaborators on the score. They bring something different to this but only the action scenes shine especially the final battle between Electro and Spidey. 

Overall it's a fun film, it has it's dramatic and emotional moments but the action scenes should have you feeling like a kid. I'll say it again if you do see it definitely see it in 3D and enjoy the ride that you're about to be taken on.

Eli's Rating: 8/10

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