Thursday, December 19, 2013

The 12 Days of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Welcome to the seventh day of "The 12 Days of Movie Reviews".  Today we have part 3 of our Shane Black 4-Pack, which just so happens to be his directorial debut.  We bring to you the very entertaining 2005 crime comedy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.  Enjoy!

Being my first time watching this film, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I mean, it's got Robert Downey Jr. (pre-Iron Man) and Val Kilmer.  Two guys whose careers weren't really on the rising path at the time.  Kilmer hasn't really risen back to stardom, although he does stay busy doing smaller films.  But RDJ is a different story.  With the success of Iron Man, he has become a hot commodity, and watching this film, you really see why.

He'll do anything for a job...

The story follows Harry, a small time criminal, and his journey to Los Angeles which changes his life forever.  RDJ narrates the whole film, in a very "breaking the fourth wall" kind of way, which was awesome.  And Kilmer's performance as "Gay Perry" is one of the best I've seen from him.  The two of them play off one another so well.  I was so pleased with this movie that I'm definitely going to watch it again.


What makes it Christmasy?

Well, for starters, it takes place on Christmas and the days leading up to it.  But what did it for me was the beautiful Michelle Monaghan in a skimpy little red Christmas dress and Santa hat.  If that doesn't get you in the holiday spirit, then I don't know what will.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun movie to watch.

Josh's Rating:  8/10

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