Sunday, December 15, 2013

The 12 Days of A Muppet Christmas Carol

If you're looking for the best adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol than, look no further than A Muppet Christmas Carol. Why?

Because, at first you feel bad for Michael Caine as though he might have been dragged into this. Then you notice a slight twinkle in his eye and you realize he's happy to be surrounded my muppets. As anyone might be if they were surrounded by muppets. The fact of the matter is Michael Caine is one of the best Scrooges to scowl on the screen.

Because, each muppet is perfectly cast. Kermit is a humble Bob Cratchit. Gonzo and Rizzo are the best narrating team EVER. Seriously, they are.

Oh, the witty banter. 

The film is filled with classic muppet humor and fun songs to sing-a-long to.

Try not to sing along.
Plus, there's the most Dickensian mice ever.

They are devastating and devastatingly cute at the same time. 

What makes it Christmasy?

It's A Christmas Carol with Muppets! Need I say more? No.

Paul's final rating: 10/10


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