Sunday, April 20, 2014

DWA: Race for the Cup Edition!

Remember to drink responsibly. If you start to feel sick, stop drinking. 
It's the Stanley Cup playoffs and you don't have premium cable like me; 'cause that shit's expensive. So, you're stuck at home with all of this Labbats Blue and no hockey until Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Well, you're in luck because I have two amazing hockey films you can drink to, Slap Shot and Goon.

Slap Shot, is one of  top five favorite sports movies all time and stars my favorite actor of all time Paul Newman. It balances realistic drama with hilarious absurd humor. Goon is Slap Shot for a new generation and it stars the Stifmister himself, Sean Michael Scott. Needless to say Goon has done more justice for the sport of hockey than any of the Slap Shot sequels.

Since, the movies are so similar and neither is filled with hilarious glaring flaws, we're going to use one set of basic rules. The rules are as follows...

Drink every time:

  • a fight starts.
  • for every hard check.
  • someone swears.

Finish your drink for:

  • brawls.
  • a goal is scored.

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